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                                          Strong product
                        3-Mercaptopropionic acid
                        Iron Sucrose
                              RoryChemical  Ltd  is engaged in the chemical product study and produce , Our strong products 3-Mercaptopropionic acid have over 7 years produce experience and we have shipped to USA Germany Italy Japan Korea ect maket. We are very welcome  everyone who interested in our products to enquire us or give us advise.
                        Company Address  Pudong Avenue 3040 building 1 room 1205  Sha Industry jingzhou city Hubei Province China
                        Produce base:
                        Post Code : 200129
                        Telephone: +86-21-50702305
                        Fax: +86-21-50704994
                        E-mail: [email protected]
                        Mobile Phone:
                        Products:[email protected]
                        Other:     [email protected]

                        Copyright(C)2005,Shanghai Rory Fine Chemical Co., Ltd  All Rights Reserved.